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Every item has its own story to tell, same as every human. We are all different with our unique personalities. Being unique have a lot of times made me feel like an outsider – maybe I’m or maybe I’m not. Perhaps we are all outsiders in one way or another. In recent years, I’ve come to embrace it and I’ve learned to feel comfortable in my skin. I’m just me, this is who I’m and I’m proud of it. I’ve come to realise that the feeling of being different is also what ties us all together. The more you give of your true self, the more you’ll get back from others.

One of my favourite quotes says, “We are born like individuals but die like followers”. That is not how it should be. All our differences and the stories that we carry is actually what builds this world and the diversity of the people is what makes it truly interesting. The same goes for the ready to wear collection from Martin Key. I want it to say Be You and Be Proud!

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