Martin Key handcrafted leather jackets

“I will always strive to be as close to perfection as I possibly can, but I will never be satisfied because perfection doesn’t exist.”

— MK 19.10.20

It takes guts to be uncompromising. And the uncompromising is also the hallmark of Martin Key. Choice of material and design twists makes the designs unique. With passion and determination, Martin Key intermeshes craftsmanship, attention to details and storytelling into clothing, showing a wide spectrum of creativity. The second best has never been an alternative and that’s why we work tirelessly beyond limits, motivated by something that seems impossible to others.

The History – Crafted with the Right Values

Handmade in Sweden – our production facilities are situated in the forests of Dalarna, Sweden, around the small village of Malung, a haven for traditional Swedish leather craftsmanship. Our factory, founded in the 1930s, employs local artisans who have inherited their skills through generations. Our goal is to enable them to pass on their expertise for generations to come. Evolving from traditional workwear collections, the new collections from our factory grace spotlights and red carpets worldwide, captivating an entirely new customer segment.

Our leather accessories are crafted in the city of Milano by true Italian artisans. The shoes are also produced in Italy, at a family-owned factory close to Ancona, which has been creating high-end shoes for more than 50 years.

We meticulously select materials for all Martin Key garments. Our collection “From Nothing to Something,” features salmon skins from the unique, eco-friendly, green, and responsible tannery, experts in doing fish leather.

Martin speaks up

Every item has its own story to tell, much like every human. From the very first day you own your key item, these two stories become intertwined into a unique narrative.

For me, black has always been the primary color in everything I wear and the foundation of my collections. Black symbolizes elegance but can also embody a rock’n’roll vibe or a more dressed-up aesthetic. It’s all about the design and choice of materials. In my opinion, black is versatile and suits everyone and everything.

I’ve always lived by the motto ‘Go your own way.’ As a child, my favorite color was blue, and my passion for Martin Key is represented by the red stitches. Passion is something that resonates with me, and red is the color of passion. Everything I do revolves around passion, and without determination and guts, I would never be where I am today. This applies to Martin Key as a brand and to me as a person. Mixing red with blue creates purple, the natural signature color for Martin Key. Purple, along with elegant black and Royal Gold, symbolizes durability, value, and excellence. Together, these colors articulate a distinct language that defines what Martin Key is all about.

My hallmark, the octagon, has been with me since day one, making a powerful statement that entails a powerful commitment.

Most of the Martin Key items also bear our signature zipper. This is a hallmark that symbolize the paths we take in life that, at times, can be as smooth and effortless as a well-functioning zipper, but that also can be met with obstacles and unexpected turns. Much like a zipper that may get stuck and need replacing, this mirror life’s challenges and adventures and the resilience required to more past them. 

For me, it has always been about what’s inside, and this philosophy is reflected in all my collections. I’m not saying that the inside is more important than the outside, but it is, at the very least, equally significant.