“I will always be so close to perfection that I possibly can be.. but I will never ever be satisfied, because perfection doesn’t exist.”

— MK 19-10-20

It takes guts to be uncompromising. And the uncompromising is also the hallmark of Martin Key. Choice of material and design twists make Martin’s work stunning. With passion and determination, Martin is able to intermesh craftsmanship and a feeling for details into clothing, that shows his wide spectrum of creativity. 

Uncompromising clothing for uncompromising people. The second best has never been an alternative for Martin. That’s why he works tirelessly beyond limits, motivated by something that seem impossible to others.

How it all started
Over a decade in the fashion industry and several years as a designer at one of Sweden’s greatest men’s clothing brands, Martin decided to fulfill his vision. Based on the inspiration and experiences he gained in the fashion industry, he transformed his vision and dreams into the unique brand – Martin Key. 

Handmade in Sweden
All jackets and accessories are handmade by Martins team of highly skilled and experienced leather craftsmen. The jackets are made in our factory in Dalarna and the accessories in Stockholm. It´s only one item that we can´t produce here in Sweden: the shoes. They are handmade in Milano, Italy. This is due to the special sneaker stitching machine and the factory we work with has made high end shoes for over 50 years and this is the third generation. We create unique perfection all the way.

Martin speaks out 
Every item has its own story to tell, same as every human. From the very first day that you have your key item the two stories are connected into one unique. 

For me, black has always been the main color of everything I wear and the base in my collections. Black stands for elegance but can at the same time be rock’n’roll or even more dressed up. It’s all about the design and choice of materials. So, in my opinion, black is for everyone and everything. Right from the start I added the red thread for the stitching around the name badges of the custom-made jackets. Passion is something that is close to my heart and red is the color of passion. Everything I do evolves around passion but without the determination and the guts I would never be where I’m today. That goes both for Martin Key as a brand as well as for me as a person. My hallmark – the octagon, has followed me since day one. It is a powerful statement that involves a powerful commandment. On every custom-made jacket I fit a name badge made of real 925 silver or 18k gold. Each name badge also have a diamond above the i in Martin Key. On the name badge, we engrave the customers name, and the name and product id of the jacket. 

For me it has always been the inside that counts, and this comes back in all of my collections. I’m not saying that the inside is more important than the outside, but it is at least as important. My hallmark – the octagon, has followed me since day one. It is a powerful statement that involves a powerful commandment.

THE Diamond symbolizes
Means invincible and comes from the Greek word for diamond (αδάμας adamas) and it is the hardest natural material in the world. The edges of the diamond symbolizing breaking of patterns. There is always a way to overcome mistakes and drive success with a Determination to go through all the obstacles along the way.

THE Red thread symbolizes
Red stands for passion and a burning desire for progress. There is a red thread in every item and it symbolizes all the passion we put into it – this goes for everything from the smallest details to the main parts and it is a never ending progress for us.

THE Octagon symbolizes
Breaking patterns to follow your destiny and to face all the obstacles along the way. The eight edges of the octagon symbolize the eight key words of Martin Key – Passion Through Determination And Guts Is My Key.