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Martin Key X Lars Wallin

We decided around one year ago that the time had come to put our creative heads together and turn our dream project into reality. Lars and I have known each other for many years, to be more precise, 17 years. In the last few years we have been talking about doing something together but it has never been the right time. But after a late dinner at the end of 2021 we decided, let’s do it and let’s do something unique where couture meets leather. Lars has been the pencil this time and made the sketches after I had presented my Miss Key collection and talked about the soul and heart of Martin Key. After a few meetings and discussions about what is the perfect match between Martin Key and Lars Wallin, we came up with the results of one leather jacket and one dress but in three different materials with a mix of the finest lamb leather you can find and my signature python leather. It’s a Limited Edition Collection Martin Key X Lars Wallin. 

The jackets are short, tailormade and with an attitude, the dresses are a flirt with the 1980’s in a typical Lars Wallin spirit. All details have the classic Martin Key elements, for example the octagon and touches of python leather.

The items can only be ordered directly from us in our store, or from Lars Wallin in the atelier at NK (Nordiska Kompaniet). They are produced from the client’s measurements in our own factory in Malung in the region of Dalarna, and delivery time is approximately six to eight weeks. The total production number will be eight to sixteen items of each design.

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