Care about your new favorite  

Your Key item needs your attention to age well. Wipe it with a soft and lint-free cloth from time to time. Avoid commercial care products that can cause more harm than good to the precious leathers used in The Martin Key collection. There are more suitable products for our products. These will be presented to you when your Key item is delivered. If you have any questions regarding daily care of our leathers you are welcome to contact us.

Keep your Key item in good company

Keep in mind that the rest of your wardrobe can have bad influences on your fine leather. Be careful with new unwashed jeans or dark belts. Also think twice before you put things in your pocket or together with products that can leave marks on the leather. Be extra careful with oil in makeup products, perfume and other alcohol-based products and ink from pens and markers.

Give the leather an extra skin

The precious leather is sensitive to repeated exposure to heat and light and the result is bleached coloring. While inside, hang your Key item away from direct sunlight, radiators etc. Rainy and damp weather is another source of damage. If water comes into contact with leather, immediately wipe it away with a soft cloth to avoid stains.  Leather also needs rest to be able to age well. Make sure to store it in best possible place – a dry place away from light and moisture. Avoid prolonged use of anti-humidity sachets that makes the leather dry. The best place is in fact in a dust cover or the original box with bubble wrap around to maintain the shape of the item. 

Exotic Leathers

For his ostrich, python and crocodile items, Martin chooses only the best skins made by passionate and experienced craftsmen. Your Key item, with its flawless natural texture, will have its own unique signature formed by the individual it once belonged to. 

You are free to choose from a range of leathers with different textures. All with the ability to age with beauty. Just like all pieces in the collection, these leather items are made to last a lifetime, that is if you handle your clothes the right way.

Follow our advice for a Key item that will last a lifetime.

Reptile skins – law for imported 

The exclusive leather materials in our Key items require special care in maintenance and more. We follow Swedish law for imported leather items.

According to law, we supply you as a customer with specific information about the chosen leather, such as species and origin. This is important when traveling with products made from extra rare leathers such as crocodile. 

If you live (spend more than 185 days/year) in Sweden or another country within the EU, we also provide you with the paperwork necessary for “re-export” (travel out of Sweden with items made from imported rare leather materials).

Needed for EU citizens: 

• Copy of a previous export-/import permission aimed for the same item

• Proof of purchase within the EU

• Copy of (re)-export document stamped by the customs (that were presented at the first import to Sweden).

• Re-export permission  

If you live outside the EU we arrange an export permit for the reptile skin, but you need to obtain the import permit yourself since we are not allowed to do that, please do it here.

You can read more about it on the Swedish Board of Agriculture web site, feel free to klick here. If you have any questions about this, we would be happy to help.

The world’s finest leather

  • Lamb nappa made of enterfino sheep, very luxurious feeling and flexible against the body.
  • Lamb nappa with lovely touch and nice shininess.
  • Lamb-nubuck gives a suede surface with silky touch. Elegant look.
  • Visone is a lambskin with mottled paint and lightly grinded surface for a little dusty look.
  • Reindeer leather from Swedish, very luxury leather with lovely touch and nice shininess.
  • Reindeer calf from Sweden, one of the most exclusive leather you can get and a limited access in order to get. It has a weary soft feeling and an elegance look.
  • Deer leather with a nice structure and a soft feeling
  • Moose from Sweden/Finland with a nice surface and smooth touch

Lifetime warranty

We offer lifetime warranty on our leather jackets. That means a no limit warranty of the material and workmanship on the product with normal use, not the lifetime of the buyer.