Leather Jacket - NY by Martin Key

N.Y. – Red Line

Influenced by the millennium biker man inside the Big Apple that wants the extra touch. I think we all have a biker personality inside of us and this guy lives without hesitating and like to take risks. The N.Y. Red Line Jacket with its extra attitude and rich details makes the model same but very different compared to the regular N.Y. style. The choice of material was to make an eye-catching jacket and the result is something extra, so wear it with proudness.

Tailor-made leather jackets can only be ordered by booking a personal consultation.


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The leather jackets in this collection are tailor-made. That means that you will need to book a consultation with Martin for you to be able to buy one of these unique pieces. During the consultation you will get full insight into the following steps of process:

  1. Design
  2. Measuring
  3. Ordering
  4. Manufactuting
  5. Delivery

All jackets and accessories are handmade by Martins team of highly skilled and experienced leather craftsmen. The jackets are made in Dalarna. We create unique perfection all the way.


Product information

Style: N.Y. – RED LINE
Product. ID: NY-LM-PHY/BC-BLK/09-07-20/Initial
Leather: 75% Lamb Nappa, 25% Python Leather
Zippers: BLK/Oxide (Lampo)
Buttons: Nickel
Leather Colour: Black
Details: Name Badge 925-silver with a White Diamond
Lining: Black/Red WorldMap (viscose)

Made In Sweden

Leather Jacket - NY by Martin Key