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The leather jacket, an outerwear icon. The jackets that you see here is the Martin Key made to order collection. These masterpieces are made of the best materials and handcrafted by our skilled artisans in our own factory in Sweden.

The journey with Martin Key has many times been a real fighting trip. I’ve experienced some tough years where I at times literally have been at rock bottom, but my passion for my Key and my Determination with the guts has always led me on. In time I have learned there is no easy way and shortcuts doesn’t exist, and the same goes for the design and sewing of our products. We are always looking to get as close to perfection as possible. Even though perfection doesn’t really exist, we will always continue pushing boundaries and reach for it, so at the end of the day, we will always know that we did our best to get there.


Leather jackets
Leather jackets is one of those items that is good to invest in if you’re into clothing and fashion. Having a well-designed leather jacket will in many ways extend your wardrobe and can be that centrepiece that will make your basic clothing items and accessories look even better. Leather jackets have been around for a long time and it have endured the up- and downtrends of the fashion industry throughout the years. Not only does a stylish leather jacket look good but it will also last for a lifetime. A high-quality leather jacket will cost you, but it’s well worth the investment if you are look at the number of times it will be used and the possibilities it will bring. A leather jacket of top quality made from the best materials in the world will last longer than anything else from your wardrobe, and you wearing it, will add patina which will only make it even more beautiful over time. Take well care of your leather jacket, but make sure to wear it, that’s what it’s made for.

If you want a tailor-made jacket of premium quality made from the absolute best materials and the most skilled seamstresses that the world has to offer, you can expect to pay anywhere from 1000 euro to 100 000 euro. Of course, it might sound much for a jacket, but the quality you will get for that amount of money can be seen as an investment that will last a lifetime, since you probably won’t need another jacket for many many years. With that said, if you have the money, be aware that the risk is high that you will want to buy a second leather jacket once you have received your first.

The leather jackets
Since the 1920s when Irving Schott started selling leather jackets at his Harley Davidson store, it has been a popular choice and a trend that does not seem to disappear. A big advantage of leather jackets is that it gives a style that both looks good gives but at the same time gives an edge to the look. One more thing that makes it perfect for everyone is that the leather jacket looks good with basically everything. With custom leather jackets or designer leather jackets, it’s easy to create your own style without the need to think too much of it. You can say that the leather jacket is basically like a handbag, it really adds to your style and lifts up your whole outfit.

Another advantage is that no matter if it is summer, winter, warm or cold outside, you can wear a leather jacket. Since it’s made from animal skin and meant to keep you warm and well isolated you never need to worry about getting cold in the winter, just add another base layer of wool if it is very cold. And since all standard jackets have a zipper you can open it up and still wear it in the summer while not getting overheated and still keep that good look with the jacket open instead. Stylish leather jackets are a great choice for all who  want a solid look that lasts, a leather jacket from Martin Key is for the ones that in addition wants the best. Martin Key offers designer leather jackets for both men and women. We at Martin Key believe that everyone should be able to look good without too much fuss and advanced styling guides to follow, just look good in a simple way. That’s why we offer high-end designer leather jackets of premium quality that last for a very long time and secure a good look that will not go out of fashion over the years to come. Our custom leather jackets suits you who is looking for perfection and quality in a simple way. Martin Key chooses only the best materials when crafting designer leather jackets for men and women.

We are proud to be able to deliver high-quality stylish leather jackets to anyone with the confidence that you will both look good and have made an investment for life when buying our products. Since we deliver our products with a lifetime warranty, we are sure that our high quality will satisfy you both when you wear your leather jacket and when it’s hanging in your closet. Our design of custom leather jackets is a pleasure to both wear and look at every day, that is something that we are very proud of and we are sure that you will be too.

Stylish leather jackets
Who doesn’t want to look good in stylish clothes and trending wear? When it comes to men’s and women’s style and fashion for leather jackets, we at Martin Key know exactly what’s needed for perfection. We deliver stylish leather jackets of the highest quality that can be worn by everyone. Not only will you look really good in a custom-made leather jacket from Martin Key, you will also feel good when wearing it. Our goal is to help anyone that wants to look good and stylish to be able to do so with our leather products.

When you are wearing a designer leather jacket you will get the look of a confident and proud man meanwhile you can be happy about your choice. Stylish leather jackets are popular and trending for all men around the world. It has been a little more than 100 years now since men first started wearing leather jackets and that is a trend that we predict will only grow even stronger. Martin Key will provide you with custom leather jackets for all occasions so you can look good every day.

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