On a Martin Key item you always find some design features that are recurring. No matter if your Key Item is a leather jacket, a pair of sneakers or a card holder you will find one of the following hallmarks incorporated in the design.

THE Diamond symbolizes
Means invincible and comes from the Greek word for diamond (αδάμας adamas) and it is the hardest natural material in the world. The edges of the diamond symbolizing breaking of patterns. There is always a way to overcome mistakes and drive success with a Determination to go through all the obstacles along the way.

THE Red thread symbolizes
Red stands for passion and a burning desire for progress. There is a red thread in every item and it symbolizes all the passion we put into it – this goes for everything from the smallest details to the main parts and it is a never ending progress for us.

THE Octagon symbolizes
Breaking patterns to follow your destiny and to face all the obstacles along the way. The eight edges of the octagon symbolize the eight key words of Martin Key – Passion Through Determination And Guts Is My Key.