Uncompromising Clothing for Uncompromising People

For the design and the materials in the tailor-made collection I take a lot of inspiration from different styles that I see in big cities around the world. That was how the journey with Martin Key got started. The first three collections were named Gothenburg, Los Angeles and Tokyo and they all had different expressions, as well as those three cities.

The vision of Martin Key has always had immunity to trends; I go my own way and create my own trends. This is also a choice I give to my customers. They can choose their own leather, finish on the zippers, buttons and so on to get their very own Key item.

In this collection every model and design has been built up around a character from my favourite cities around the world. I have designed a jacket around the character that fits my vision of the collection and that particular style, but it’s all in her mind. I believe that “The world is yours”.

The items in the Martin Key tailor-made collection are available by appointment only. It all starts with a consultation with Martin. Every piece is individually created for each customer and every relationship is individually cared for.

Book an appointment on our contact page and we will give you a call or visit our flagship store in Stockholm and we will introduce you to the Martin Key experience.