The Gun Metal Python


The ♠️ Gun Metal Python

SOLD OUT – LIMITED EDITION only pieces 13 made

We never take shortcuts in our creations or in life and these sneakers are all about your own journey and the steps that you will take to get to where you are meant to be. It is our joint passion, determination and audacity that are the keys in helping you go wherever you are meant to go.

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High top sneakers in gun metal python leather with laces. Inside with red leather and an embossed octagon. Outer sole in black rubber.

Product information

Style: The ♠️ Gun Metal Python
Leather: Gun Metal Python
Colour: Black & Red
Laces: Black
Inside Leather: Calf (Black)
Sole: Calf (Red)

If you need a smaller or bigger sneakers than our standard sizes, contact us.

Please note that the red leather sole can create red stains or spots if worn together with for example white or light coloured socks. This is normal for coloured leather in shoes.

Delivery time is approximately 2-14 working days

Made in Italy