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I made my first sneakers in 2014 but for a few years it was a struggle to produce one by one. With the vision and concept I really believed in combination with my determination and guts I never stopped looking for the best factory and partner to make it work. Today we have everything in order to produce the most unique shoes.

There is a popular expression saying that “You can judge a man simply by looking at what shoes he wears”. That expression fits very well into the philosophy that we have here at Martin Key. A pair of shoes should say something about you, your shoes shall tell the world how you choose to go. With that said we strongly believe that – there are shoes and then there are shoes from Martin Key. When most people think of shoes they would say that it is something that we just walk in. The same people most likely would say that a car shall take me from A to B. But then there are people that look at shoes as something more. Of course, the main purpose of a shoe is to make walking more comfortable, but they also want their shoes to look good and be of good quality, so that they last at least for a while. The looks and quality of shoes vary enormously depending on the brand, material, and manufacturing process. Here at Martin Key we take it all a step further, we use the best materials and we work with the best shoemakers available to achieve the absolute top of the line within quality and style for our shoes. Handmade shoes done with true craftsmanship performed by people that are experts at their trade are something that we will never walk away from.

Our shoes are made out of best quality leather and can of course be worn by anyone that just wants to look good, but we also feel that a Martin Key shoe shall say something about you, when you wear them you should feel that they are one of your Key Items. To get there we put the highest of quality in terms of materials and craftsmanship as a priority when it comes to shoes, this because shoes normally takes kind of a beating and they are worn often so they have to be made to last. When buying shoes from Martin Key you can be assured that you not only will look good, they will also meet your expectations of high-quality products. We only sell handmade leather shoes of the best quality, anything less than that does not qualify to be a Key Item of our customers.
Handmade shoes from Martin Key
Our shoes are the only items that we have decided not produce in Sweden. The reason for this is simply that we were not able to find the best shoemakers to make handmade shoes here in Sweden. We therefore decided to go abroad to find the shoemakers that could deliver the quality level of handmade shoes that we wanted to have. All Martin Key shoes are handmade with a focus on details and quality to make them look great and make them last as long as possible. We know that shoes are made to be worn and can sometimes be worn in rougher conditions, that is why they need to be properly put together with all the tricks of the trade to achieve the right quality to withstand defects and unnecessary impact on the material. When you buy shoes from us you can always be sure to find the hallmarks of Martin Key. The way that we design our handmade leather shall always be surprising but at the same time you shall be assured to somewhere find either the octagon, the keyhole, the diamond or the red thread on our shoes. It takes guts to be uncompromising and the uncompromising is also one of the Martin Key hallmarks, that is why our handmade shoes are delivered to endure the wear even though we work with the most exclusive materials available.

Since the second best have never been an alternative our shoes are made of leather produced at the best tanneries. The secrets to tanning superior quality leather is often inherited through generations of craftsmen, that means that this trade will for always be limited to the few. This is also why typically all of the top brands buy their leather from the same tanneries. That means that you might find the exact same quality of leather used for the handmade shoes from Martin Key on the leather straps for the most expensive watches or used for the most exclusive handbags that money can buy. The limited supply of the superior quality leather naturally set a high price point for the handmade shoes that it is used for. On top of that the highly specialised shoemakers that masters the right level of craftsmanship are also a rarely found artisan that sets the price point even higher. This creates the perfect circle and it is only a limited group of clients that are able to wear handmade shoes from Martin Key.
Handmade leather shoes
The advantages of handmade leather shoes are many compared to machine-made shoes. First of all, the level of details and quality of how these details are made will always be of an higher level if it is an skilled shoemaker that has crafts the shoe. This you can easily tell when holding a handmade leather shoe in your hands, here the expression the devil is in the details really becomes true. Very often handmade shoes are also made of significantly higher quality leather than a typical machine-made leather shoe. A regular machine-made leather shoe is also often made of synthetic or cheap quality leather that will never last as long as a handmade leather shoe will do. Typically cheap shoes made of poor quality leather or synthetic will start cracking up really fast and the shoe will look very poor quickly.

When you buy handmade leather shoes however you can count on much higher quality and level of detail. A handmade leather shoe can last many years if you just give them a bit of care. The right wear and tear on high quality leather shoes will merely add the right patina that often makes them look even better. Make a pair of handmade leather shoes your Key Item.

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